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Bike Service & Repair

Your Bike Repair Experts

When you bring your bicycle to us for maintenance or repair, our friendly, professionally trained technicians will assess your bike's needs and provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate. Whether your bike is in need of a minor adjustment or a major overhaul, we promise that your ride is in good hands.

Prices are for labor only – any parts required are an extra cost.

Sport Tune Package  $69  

Brake & shifting adjustment, chain lube, tire inflate, headset adjust, safety inspection.  **All other work will be added a la carte**  

Full Tune Package  $169   Bike wash, wheel & Rotor truing, hub & bearing adjustment, headset adjust, brake shifting adjustments, hangar/frame align, chain lube, tire inflate, safety inspection, test ride.     **All other work will be added a la carte**

Mountain Bike Overhaul Package  $349 
Fork service, brakes bleed, drivetrain removal w/ deep clean, or new drivetrain install, bike wash, wheel & rotor truing, hub & bearing adjustment, brake & shifting adjustment, safety inspection.  * Fork Seal Kit not included **All other work will be added a la carte** 

Race Tune Package  $60 *includes Stan's sealant and chain wax
Stan's Sealant refresh,  chain wax and race day prep.   Let us know your event, and we can help you maximize your bikes performance.  

Custom Bike Build  Starting at $300

New Bike Assembly - $200

Assemble shipped bike - $100

Sending your bike to or from the Black Hills? Mail it here and have it assembled here. If it needs any upgrade or not in perfect working order when you ship it, no worries. We will catch anything it may need and arrange the fix. Rushmore bikes 505 N Main st Spearfish, SD 57783

Bike wash - $16

Bring your bike dirty? No problem.  Great way for us to get to know your bike intimately.

Bike Wash Extreme - $32

Super dirty bike, no problem.  Let us clean and make your ride awesome in appearance and performance.  Great way for us to get to know your bike intimately.

Bottom Bracket Adjust & Clean - $25

Got a press fit bb that creaks? Threaded BB that squeaks? Maybe new bearings?

Bottom bracket install - $35

New BB install

Brake Adjust - $15

Caliper not in line? Pads rubbing? Cable adjust?

Brake Bleed - $45 per

Bleed those lines, get out the air and grime. Sometimes it is best to just put on a new set once you pay for bleed and new pads on less expensive older brakes?

Brake Cable Replace - $25 

New cable and Housing makes brakes feel great again!

Brake Pad Replace - $15

New pads in your disc, V, Road or Canti brakes

Cassette Freewheel Replace - $20

New rear cogs?

Chain Replace - $18

Replace it while you can, save the cogs!

Cycling Computer Install - $20

We have installed thousands. We can make short work of properly setting up your cycling computer.

Crankset Replacement - $30

New install, swapping old ones? Have BB bearings inspected for future dependability

Derailleur Adjust $20

Set screws, B- tension adjustment and cable adjustment.

Derailleur Cable replace - $25 

Get it shifting perfect and smooth.  Difficult internal may be extra.

Derailleur Hanger Alignment - $30

Hanger alignment must be perfect before any other adjustments can be made.

Dropper Post Install - $45

Get that dropper installed perfectly.

Fender Install - $25

Need a pair of fenders fit and installed? Do it right and stay dry without rub.

Fork Crown Race install or remove - $12

Fork Cut and installed - $55

Fork Lower Leg Service - $105

Get an annual "oil change" in your fork. Dirt collects in your oil every time it is cycled on the trail. Get out that grit for longer fork life and much better performance. We will take a video for you of your old oil being removed, it is nasty if you ride it! **parts not included**  ***Full damper rebuild and internal seals replacement come in for quote***

Frame Pivot Bearing Inspection - $29

Is your bike ridden a lot? Is it a more than a year old? Have bearings inspected to ensure proper performance and quiet operation.

Frame Pivot Bearing Replace - $100

Have ticks and creaks, get them fixed for smoother operation.

Grip Install - $8

Get some new rubber under your gloves

Handlebar install - $25

New handlebars are a great upgrade. Get your stem bolts set properly with anti seize and controls configured to your fit. Install some new grips while you are at it!

Handlebar tape install - $28

New tape always feels great. Get the right print and color as well.

Headset Adjust - $12

Have sloppy steering? Get it tight and smooth!

Headset Install - $45

Get those neglected rusty old bearings replaced or the perfect install on a new build.

Hub Bearing Adjust - $20

Smooth and tight is right.

Hub Bearing Overhaul Front - $30

Cleaned, replaced loose or cartridge.

Hub Bearing Overhaul Rear - $45

Loose Ball or Cartridge.

Kickstand Install - $8

Stand it where there are no walls or trees!

Pack Bike to Ship - $100 your box- $120 our Box and Packing

Need a bike shipped to your vacation destination? Bring it in. We have the box and packing as well.

Pedal Install - $7

Rack Install - $25

Get it set up with the right hardware and angles.

Saddle Install - $10

Get and new saddle or swap it out. Let's get the position, angles and torque right while we are at it!

Add Tubeless sealant - $6 per

Add new sealant to your tubeless set up on the fly.

Seat Post Install - $15

Cut, set up saddle to your perfection.

Shifter Install  - $28

Shifter Repair Lube - $25

Rear Shock Wiper/Oil Replace - $55

Spoke replace - $45

Stem Install - $16

Torqued and anti seize on bolts.

Tire Replace Tubeless - $18

Tire/Tube Install - $12

Tubeless Setup each, valve inst, tape, sealant add - $35  FAT alloy $45

Wheel True - $35

How tweaked is it?


Have a bike that has been hiding in the shed for a while? Do you have a kid's bike that seems to not stop well? Bring it in and have us look it over with you and make sure it is safe to ride and stop.

Contact us to schedule your bike service today.

Home Bike Repair 

We recommend having a few products at home to help you keep your bike in excellent working condition between your annual tune-ups. We have an excellent selection of essential tools, lubricants and cleaning products, and quality work stands. Shop online and pickup your items for free on your next shop visit.